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Biographical information
Year Classified
Status Alive
Physical description
Ethnicity German American
Eye Color Hazel
Gender male
Description Classified
Other information
Functions Vesper 2, leader of The Vesper Interrogation Society
Allies Führer Nilem12, Jai, most Vespers

About me

Everybody thought LucianVesper11 was an Ekat, which he wasn't. The reasons why: he did algebra for fun, could program robots, and destroyed science projects by tossing them off a 6-story building. He was a Lucian/Vesper, was not really interested in finding the clues, rather just finding them from home at the computer, and betrayed the cahills by becoming a vesper. He became Vesper 5 by asking Führer Nilem12 on the 39 clues wiki. You can find out more about him on the 39 clues wiki. He is Vesper 3.

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