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The Vesper Interrogation Society
Founder: Agent Castellan
Leader: LucianVesper11
Strongholds: Warsaw
Mascot: Medieval Dagger
Skill: Ruthlessness, efficiency/hard work, invasions, hacking, disguises, force, espionage, kidnapping and war talent (inherited from Medusa)

The Vesper Interrogation Society is a new Vesper organization made October 14th, 2013. It is a coalition of the former Medusa and The Inquisitorials. It's headquarters are in Warsaw. It's founder is Agent Castellan and current leader is LucianVesper11.

What The Vesper Interrogation Society Does

TVIS helps bring world peace by interrogating dangerous groups and organizations that are threats. They are ordered to jail anyone who is declared suspicious by Vesper One.


Managing Agents

Managing Agents work closely with the leader. They send mission control updates. Their leader is LucianVesper11.

Locating Agents

Locating Agents locate suspicious people. Their leader is Vesper Five


Paparazzi usually work along with the Search Agents to capture photos of the said suspicious group. Their leader is Agent Jackson.

Search Agents

Search Agents search for the said suspicious group, and then reports back to the leader every hour. Their leader is Agent Cardill.

Interrogation Agents

Interrogation Agents interrogate the said suspicious group when the Search Agents and/or the leader call on them. Their leader is Agent Castellan.

Jailing Agents

Jailing Agents jail the said suspicious group when the Interrogation Agents and/or leader call on them. Their leader is Agent Yu.

Suspicious Groups and Proven Enemies

  • Founders Media
  • The Military and Social Coalition of the Remaining Cahills for the Destruction of the Vespers
  • The Veeders
  • The Vesperhunters


LucianVesper11, leader of the society.