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Tallinn Space Research and Invention Centre
Founder: Vladmir Karkaroff
Leader: Jamal Karkaroff
Strongholds: Tallinn
Mascot: Classified
Skill: Classified

Tallinn Space Research and Invention Centre (TSRIC) is a Vesper research based in Tallinn, Estonia, run by Jamal Karkaroff (Vladmir Karkaroff's brother), one of the main Vesper scientists. TSRIC does space research (like researching Jupiter, Pluto etc...), and

Tallin Bus 3, going to Randla. Bus 3 driver is secretly a Vesper. Also, Bus 3 stops off near the secret underground entrance to TSRIC

sends Vespers to the ISS, to steal information. TSRIC has invented the worlds top telescopes, has invented Mars lifesuits so that humans can go onto Mars and has sent spacebots to all the dwarf and major planets to take up to 12,642,634,965,105 pictures of the ENTIRE planet. TSRIC and Hydra are very close friends, and TSRIC and Hydra often invent things in a coalition, like TSRIC and Hydra made the Mars lifesuits in a coalition. TSRIC is basically the Estonian Hydra.