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Ruslan Chesnokov
Biographical information
Year May 1st, 1980
Status Alive
Physical description
Ethnicity Human
Eye Color Blue
Gender Male
Other information
Allies Commander Orion Albus II (former second-cousin)

Ruslan Chesnokov is a Vesper agent spying on the Outcast. His primary residence is in Moscow, but his current base of operations is in Attleboro, near the Cahill Mansion. Ruslan is fluent in Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. He is the second-cousin of the late Orion Albus II, the former Vesper Two.


Ruslan was born on May 1st, 1980 in Vienna, and moved to Russia in 1993. In 1997, he was recruited by the Vespers and was sent to the Vesper stronghold in Brussels to undergo fierce training. By 1999, his training was complete and he became an agent under Vesper Six's department in Zurich. Along with Isabel Kabra, he was tasked to kill Hope and Arthur Cahill, and succeeded in his task. Due to this success, he became the personal assistant to Vesper Five when the other one was moved to Hydra in Berlin. In 2003, when Vesper Five betrayed the Vespers and joined the Madrigals, Ruslan got promoted to Vesper Five. He was tasked with killing the old Vesper Five, and in 2005 he was caught by Ruslan, and Ruslan took his hostage and flew to a remote town in northern Siberia. Since the old Vesper Five was only wearing jeans and a t-shirt, the old Vesper Five froze to death in minutes.

In 2007, he plotted with the at-the-time Vesper Two - Damien Vesper III - to assassinate the at-the-time Vesper One, Damien Vesper II. While inspecting the Vesper army, Damien Vesper II was killed from a distance by a masked Ruslan. As such, Damien Vesper III was made Vesper One, and Ruslan was made Vesper Three, as Isabel Kabra was appointed Vesper Two to avoid the suspicion that Ruslan was involved in Damien Vesper II's death.

During his time as Vesper Three, Ruslan pulled some strings on the events that happened during the Clue Hunt. He was often thwarted by The Man in Black, aka Fiske Cahill. After failing to obtain the serum at Cahill Island, he was removed from his post as Vesper Three, removed of all his achievements and ranks, and was sent to a minor Vesper hideout in Oslo to work as a scrubber. Little did he know, his second-cousin Orion Albus II was spying on that hideout for the Lucians (Albus II was a Lucian at that time), Albus helped him escape the hideout and gave him a place with the Lucians. When Albus became Vesper Three after betraying the Lucians, Ruslan joined his new Vesper department, Medusa.

After Orion Albus II's death, he relocated to the main Vesper base in Australia, which is located in Perth. He has been successful in assassinating many key Cahills.