Operation Deluxe

Fuuton rasenshuriken by raphavictor-d3ejmly

Founder:Jai, Sihal, Wykwyz, and Lon'qu
Strongholds:(Possibly): India, Nepal, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand
Mascot:A blue, shuriken-shaped whirlwind.
Skill:Working as a team

Operation Deluxe is one of the strongest operations in the world, their rivals being Task Force 141. Operation Deluxe was created by four brothers Jai, Sihal, Wykwyz, and as well as their cousin Lon'qu. Not much is known about the main objective of the operation. In early November 2013, Operation Deluxe was activated and is about to get under way. Currently, two of their main members (Jai and Lon'qu) are in The Vesper High Council. It currently has 270 members. On November 23rd, 2013, Operation Deluxe was promoted by Commander Orion Albus II, and is currently in the Vesper Hall of Fame.


  • Operation Deluxe's first and temporary mascot.
  • Operation Deluxe's first and current official logo.
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