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Narcissa Albus
Biographical information
Year 1999
Status Alive
Physical description
Ethnicity Fair
Eye Color Black
Gender Female
Description Sister of Commander Orion Albus II
Girlfriend of Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence McYodra
Other information
Functions Hydra/TSRIC scientist
Allies Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence McYodra
Johann Schmidt
Dr. Daniel Jackson

Narcissa Natalie "Nar" Albus is the sister of Orion Albus II. She was raised by her uncle, The Black Vesper, along with Orion Albus II. Narcissa is a member of the Hydra Branch of the Vespers. She has been on the run for two years, because she has landed on Interpol's Most Wanted List. She always dresses in very dark grey. Her age is 15. She is a resident of Division. She is the girlfriend of Lieutenant Colonel Lawrence McYodra.