Lon'qu cang du
Biographical information
Physical description
EthnicityNepalese American (born in America)
Eye ColorWhite
DescriptionStudent, vesper, co-founder of organization with Wykwyz, Sihal, and Jai
Other information
FunctionsVesper 4, co-founder of Operation Deluxe

Sihal Wykwyz Most vespers


Lon'qu is Vesper Four, a former Ekat, and co-founder of Operation Deluxe as well as Jai, Sihal, and Wykwyz's cousin. He is stronger than all 4 of his cousins. He can control and manipulate ice and throw poison shuriken and use them as kunai and as a sword too. He has amazing sword skills and can fight really good at hand to hand combat. Not much is known about him yet. In a recent Vesper poll, he was voted the best Vesper Four in history. Lon'qu was recently captured by XboXmaker, Darkmoon25, and Renzo and was to be executed by the Cahills. Recently, it was confirmed by Jai that he broke out of the Cahill lair. He left a ice bomb set to detonate the Cahill's base.

Power/Abilities Edit

  • Ice manipulation, can throw shards of ice or create an entire hailstorm
  • Carries a powerful sword with him which he carved out of extremely dense and powerful ice
  • A very good strategist
  • Has razor sharp ice shurikens and some shurikens he crafted himself, like this one
  • He is extremely fast


Height: 5'8

Weight: 120 lbs.

Age: 15


  • Training
  • Resting
  • Books
  • Video games
  • His cousins


Favorite foods:

  • Pizza
  • Indian food
  • Noodles


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