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J. Rutherford Pierce

Biographical information
Year Unknown
Status Alive
Physical description
Ethnicity White
Eye Color Brown
Gender Male
Description Classified
Other information
Functions Head of Founders Media
Founder One
Allies Founders Media

J. Rutherford Pierce is leader of Founders Media and Founder One. He owns "the number one media conglomerate in the United States", and is very famous; he has many followers, called the "Piercers". His personal assistant is Arabella Kessler. He has a wife Debi Ann, a daughter Cara and a son Galt. He is currently running for the position as President of the United States. He and his family reside on an unknown island off the coast of Maine. He is the most powerful person The Vespers have faced yet. He is known to have a sister (and advisor) named Kandy Pierce.