Founder:The First Madaline Cahill
Leader:Ian Kabra's (or Manmanman45)
Mascot:Cahill "C"
Skill:World Peace, hacking, internal fighting (not really a skill )

The Cahills are a family founded in 1328 by the First Madaline Cahill. In 1507, Gideon Cahill created the Master Serum. The current leader is Ian Kabra, or Manmanman45.

The Clue HuntEdit

2008 marked a new era for the Cahills, as with Grace Cahill's passing, the Clue hunt challenge was given to the new (and old) generation of Cahills, and consisted of Amy and Dan Cahill (deceased), Jonah Wizard, Eisenhower, Mary-Todd, Hamilton, Reagan, and Madison Holt, Ian and Natalie (deceased) Kabra, Alistair Oh (deaceased), Irina Spasky (deceased), and Ned, Ted, and Sinead Starling. After many confrontations with these foes, Amy and Dan won the race, but destroyed the serum, also landing the former Vesper 2, Isabel Kabra, in prison.

Cahills Vs. VespersEdit

2 years after the clue hunt, the Vespers struck the Cahills, kidnapping 7 members from 4 of the 5 branches, and had Amy and Dan steal many priceless artifacts to create the Machini Fini Mundi, To end the world. By Führer Nilem12 standards, Damien Vesper III was stupid. Two hostages died. This left the Vespers crumbling, but were reconstructed by Nilem12.

The War Against Founders MediaEdit

This was to many Vespers as WWV. It started when J. Rutherford Pierce began to give large snippets of large, juicy information to paparazzi to take all of there tech and put them into hiding as revenge for when Hope Cahill didn't want to be with Pierce, but rather with Arthur Trent. He still married a Cahill, since he wanted to be remembered as a Cahill. The reason why the war escalated, was that Pierce got his hands on the Master Serum, and replicated it to give to all of his goons, and Amy and Dan had to stop it with the antidote to the serum. This was the First war that the Vespers aided the Cahills.

The War Against the OutcastEdit

Amy and Dan then faced the outcast, or Grace's husband, which she put a kill order on. They had to stop a ship sinking like the Titanic, a blimp explosion that like the Hindenburg disaster, a recreation of Hurricane Katrina, and a Nuclear bomb. Aunt Beatrice finally was killed.

The Cahill Council of SixEdit

See Cahill Council of Six

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